A House Made of Glass

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20 Incredibly Stunning Glass House Designs

Designs that make use of a lot of glass are often modern and bold, suited for adventurous individuals who enjoy standing out. Aside from being visually brilliant, there are a lot of other advantages to living in a house made of glass. The multiple windows allow natural light to stream in and keep the entire home beautifully lit. Architects love working with glass, since it is a versatile and durable material that can be used in a variety of different styles.

This beautiful modern home prove how fantastic houses with a lot of glass can look. A glazed section of the upper floor juts out of the residence, emphasizing the brightness and transparency. While the clear glass windows provide unobstructed views of the outdoors, residents can simply shut the blinds to get some measure of privacy. People who opt for glass houses often want to feel closer to nature, and the use of wood complements this exquisitely. Sliding doors made of glass can be incorporated into the design as well to further invite nature inside the house.

The all-glass home is an absolutely modern masterpiece, a gorgeous building that is perfect for forward-thinking homeowners. This beautiful house with glazed full-length windows is a good example of bungalows being done right. To enjoy the spectacular views of the panorama in its entirety, the architects of this house created multiple glass front in different angles.

One of the highlights of the structure is the outdoor staircase that sweeps through the property. The innovative design of this home is truly inspired, from the pond-like swimming pool outside to the slanted roof. The topmost section that fronts the house includes a shaded sitting area where residents could sit and enjoy the pretty surroundings. Need help with your home project? Get in touch!

creates concrete house and reflective glass house in suburban Luxembourg

Have you ever seen a more picturesque home? This is actually an exceptional renovation of a residential structure from The sky-high glass wall was built to expand the living space, turning the double-storey home into an architectural marvel. Symmetrical, clean and bold in its use of multiple materials and colors, this is modern design at its finest. A house with a lot of glass windows can sometimes look too delicate, but this one manages to exude both elegance with the glazing and strength with the concrete at the same time.

However they note this will not always be possible, and suggest the structures could also be placed on top of roofs in cities.

Quite how much privacy you'd be afforded in such a home, though, might be somewhat called into question. While the walls can be tinted to block out prying eyes, it's unlikely the occupant would want them tinted all the time, considering the purpose of the house is to let in more light. And location would also be key; it almost certainly wouldn't be as fun living at the centre of a busy park as opposed to, say, a nice secluded piece of countryside.

Glass House

Each custom built abode contains a bedroom, kitchen, toilet and lounge. The glass walls can be tinted for privacy or when going to sleep. Each home takes up a space of square-feet 45 square-metres. When and where they will be built has not been revealed, but the company says they could be built on top of roofs. The Photon Space has also been designed so it is never too hot or too cold and can be darkened for privacy, night or day, using the latest nanotechnology. Charlie Sharman, managing director of The Photon Project, said: 'This exciting project combines years of research, glass innovation, engineering and architecture to provide a new way to restore, relax and rejuvenate.

The multi-layered, high-performance glass walls, bonded to curved glass beams, are fully transparent, which allows natural light to flood in, boosting the health, mood and productivity of those inside. All the homes can be designed according to the request of the customer including the size and shape of the structure and the rooms included.

The design has been supported by the long-term studies by Oxford University's Professor Russell Foster into human's response to natural light. The inventors are now seeking funding through Crowdcube to make the glass houses more widely available. Designer Brent Richards said: 'I have always been fascinated by the opportunity to explore the benefits of glass and harness its capacity to capture light and space. Tom Givone's current weekend abode, nicknamed the Floating Farmhouse, is—so far—his capstone project, a synthesis of personal taste, material experimentation, and historically sensitive restoration: a living laboratory for how to bring the vernacular past into the present.

Two trunk-like columns support an aluminum-and-zinc-clad home in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains designed by architect Craig Steely. With an intention to disrupt as few oak trees on the dense site as possible, Steely built the glass-walled house to nestle against the steep hillside. Visitors access the entrance from above, descending to the living spaces via a native grass-covered roof.

Located in Aarhus, Denmark, Villa R is a minimalist, serene structure clad in zinc panels. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows with sliding glass doors allow access to the decked outdoor space. Because the area is covered by the roof's overhang, the family can enjoy the new bright and airy environment, no matter the weather.

Impressive Modernist Glass-Walled Luxury Residence in Montecito, CA, USA (by Steve Hermann)

Architect Kengo Kuma designed a floating, transparent structure supported by very thin steel columns. Transparency was a common design goal for the entire project. The concept of the Parabolic Glass House was straightforward, and only took about 20 seconds to crystalize: the openings of the house begin where a nearby line of trees hit the sky, and then arch up in a parabolic shape to frame the view in front of them. The shape of the home arose from the site itself.

Allen, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Briarcliff Manor has been meticulously restored, while many of its original midcentury design details have been preserved and even emphasized.

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In fact, much of the design is reminiscent of the work of midcentury luminaries like Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe and Philip Johnson. Located in the heart of Monferrato, this stunning villa boasts floor to ceiling windows with degree views of the surrounding hills. The glass pavilion—style home was designed for Sarah Waller and her family and sits on top of a polished concrete slab. Inspired by the midcentury era, it looks out to the Noosa Valley golf course. Set at the edge of Stoney Lake in Ontario, Canada, is a photographer's home, studio, and boat house designed by Toronto-based studio GH3.

The glass box unites landscape and architecture while providing ideal spaces for photography, programmatic functions for living, and boat storage.

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  • Iconic houses: Philip Johnson’s Glass House is an beacon of mid-century modernism.

Johnson chose the six-acre plot of land himself and was particularly fond of the natural slopes of the site, which is surrounded by hickory trees. Inspired by the surrounding landscape of chestnut trees, rocky hillside, and bubbling stream, Portuguese architecture firm 3r Ernesto Pereira chose to blend into, and take advantage of, the local geography rather than fight against it at this sleek, modern home near the coastal city of Porto. The motto for the Panorama Glass Lodge states "Where the sky is," which works as a fitting descriptor for the design of this cozy square-foot vacation cabin.

Thanks to the glass panels that wrap around a strategically placed bed, the bright dancing lights of the aurora can be viewed from the most comfortable spot. Juxtaposing elegant, Alaskan cedar siding with broad expanses of glass, the home exudes an effortless and seamless flow between its indoor and outdoor spaces.


The 5,square-foot home features full-height walls of glass, a wraparound floating terrace, and a quiet deck that overlooks the site's sylvan surroundings. The fully glazed upper floors of the two cabins are designed to take in views of the archipelago, which was inhabited by nomadic tribes before Spanish explorers arrived in the 16th century.

Guillermo first visited the area in the mids. The single-story property is primed for tranquility, as it sits on a peaceful woodland plateau and overlooks a lush wetland, as well as a calming lake in the distance. Set among fields along the south facing coast of Long Island and within a short walk to the ocean, this Hamptons residence is a quiet refuge for a growing family and offers extraordinary views of the surrounding landscape.

The volume of the house is a two-story wood, steel, and glass structure; transparent walls provide delicacy to the house. Louvered screens and deep overhangs shield the interior spaces from summer sun and allow warm winter light to dip below the roofline. Argentinian architect Luciano Kruk has designed Casa Golf, a striking 2,square-foot dwelling that's comprised of three stacked concrete and glass volumes. Soaring high on a 10,square-foot plot of land, the contemporary residence is surrounded by breathtaking views and an unparalleled natural environment.

The home has walls made of glass

Dunbar and Astrakhan's low-cost, high-impact tour de force is a storefront facade constructed from salvaged double-insulated window glass panels arranged in a shingle pattern. Architect Reinhold Andris has lived in this house in southwestern Germany since Fifteen years on, the structure remains emblematic of his modernist perspective.

Boora Architects designed a house for Ryan and Mary Finley near Cannon Beach, Oregon, that resembles a glass prism and rises above a shallow cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

The 3,square-foot structure is topped with a green roof. The iT House is an exploration of the couple's architectural ideas, built with the help of friends over many weekends away from Los Angeles. It brings the precise and the cool together with the wild and untamed. He and David Whitney used to invite great minds from the architecture, design, and art worlds to the house for evenings of discussion and debate. When the Glass House opened to the public in , its programmers continued the invitation-only tradition.