Keeping Your Child Healthy with Chinese Medicine: A Parents Guide

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Start by drinking plenty of fluids. Limit refined sugars because they will create acids in the body that can cause a cold to linger. Avoid dairy foods as they allow mucus to thicken or proliferate. Eliminate fatty and greasy foods which are challenging to digest and could further burden the body while the immune system works to resolve the cold or flu.

Soup, porridge, and tea are easy to digest for children and should be encouraged. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties. Zinc, vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin B complex are antioxidants that help support healthy immune function. Thymus extract may be used to help build the immune system.

Learn more about nutritional therapy. Each time he got sick, it quickly settled into his chest and caused bronchitis and asthmatic episodes for which his pediatrician prescribed breathing treatments and steroid medications. His mother was concerned about having him use steroid medications so often.

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Kevin had to take many days off from school, which made him feel depressed. He came to Tao of Wellness and, after his consultation, we initially focused on treating a lingering cough from his most recent cold. Kevin was given acupuncture on his back, neck, arms and legs. Kevin was also given a custom Chinese herbal formula in tincture form that included pinellia, poria, tangerine peel, and apricot kernel to reduce bronchial inflammation, cough, and congestion.

After one treatment his cough went away and he no longer needed his steroidal medication or breathing treatment. We then advised his mother to bring Kevin in at the first sign of his next cold. Kevin came in a few weeks later with a sore throat and a mild cough. We began the treatments immediately. Within the week, his cold resolved and did not turn into bronchitis or lead to asthma.

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Over the next 6 months, Kevin got only two cold, and his mother brought him in at the first sign. Each time his symptoms went away quicker. Recurrent Ear Infections Gone Dylan is 13 months old. Three months ago, he started getting recurring colds that always turned into ear infections. He was put on antibiotics each time by his pediatrician.

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When his mother brought him to our clinic, Dylan still had symptoms of an ear infection even after his recent antibiotic treatment. Dylan was fussy and irritable. His mother was also frustrated that his ear infection had been difficult to manage and slow to heal. After his initial evaluation, Dylan was given a custom treatment plan. His pediatric acupuncture involved momentary stimulation of points on his neck, arms, and legs. Dylan received herbal drops for his ears that included antibacterial and antiviral herbs.

He also received oral drops to reduce inflammation and improve immune function. Over the next three months Dylan continued his treatment and successfully prevented further colds and ear infections from returning. Tao of Wellness was established in as a resource to address pediatric colds and flus. It was nice to find a care plan for our son that worked.

The Flu: A Guide for Parents

I think keeping an open mind to different treatment options worked for us. Herbal and Nutritional Therapies Chinese herbs are plants from nature with potent healing properties. Tell your child the facts about a distressing or frightening experience using language they can understand Preschoolers may not have the words but will show their distress at traumatic events through changes in behaviour and functioning A teenager may be deeply upset by a traumatic event, but not share their feelings with their parents It is normal to have strong emotional or physical reactions after a distressing or frightening event, and help is available A community health centre is publicly funded and offers a range of health services to local residents For children diagnosed with a disability, getting the support they need as early as possible will give them the best chance of minimising the long-term effects of the disability Provides an overview of the financial and family support services available to foster carers, families providing permanent care and adoptive parents Early Parenting Centres help families whose children have sleep, feeding or other difficulties Puberty is a time of great change for your child, and for you as a parent too.

You can help your child in many practical ways, mostly by being reassuring Treatment is very easy and safe. It all happens using blue light from a special blanket that you wrap your baby in. You may need outside help to resolve problems and ensure your relationship stays healthy and strong Help your child manage stress during exams by getting them to use good study habits, eat well, exercise, relax, sleep and keep things in perspective Young people have to work through a broad range of issues as they move from childhood to adulthood Teenage years can be difficult for families.

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