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The station is operational and about to attack the hurricane, when acts of sabotage threaten its very existence. The saboteurs inflict enough damage on the station that the technology designed to defeat the hurricane is actually strengthening it to a category five monster.

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The three-person NASA security team, on board the station, is the only force available to thwart the saboteurs' plans, and prevent the failure of Storm Killer. Kim Danby, a woman addicted to drugs, leads the team. The other members of team, Lieutenant James and Dan Hoch, also have flaws and black marks that make them vulnerable. Around 1.

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Residents were pictured stocking up on emergency supplies like food, water and batteries, while others boarded up homes and businesses to protect them as best they could. More than 1, flights within, into, or out of the US have also been cancelled today, according to the aviation tracking website FlightAware. As Dorian bears down, pilots from the US Air Force have taken incredible photos of the eerily calm conditions inside the eye of the hurricane. Winds in the wall of clouds closest to the middle are the strongest — at a massive mph in the case of category 5 Dorian.

But in the centre the sky above is clear and the air is eerily still, creating the illusion that the storm has passed.

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